Job description templates

Below you’ll find job description templates of many of the most popular roles in the homelessness and supported housing sectors, which we have developed through consultation with Homeless Link members. All of the templates are free to download and use, to help support you in hiring and human resource management.

We know that writing a job description is not always easy, but an accurate job description is essential to attract qualified applicants and to increase employee accountability once individuals have been hired.  

A poorly written job description may lead to confusion or inaccurate interpretation of what a particular job entails, which can result in employee dissatisfaction, poor performance, and increased employee turnover.  

By contrast, an effective job description can help improve staff retention, and ultimately save an organisation both time and money. It may also provide employers with some protection by serving as a reference in resolving disputes related to work expectations.

For more Housing First examples inlcuding interview quesitons, please visit the Housing First website.

Advice Worker

Chief Executive

Communications Manager

Housing First Team Leader

Housing First Worker

Housing Outreach Worker

Involvement Officer

Project Manager

Service Manager

Support Worker