Homeless Link

  • Address: Minories House
    2-5 Minories
    EC3N 1BJ


Homeless Link is the national membership charity for frontline homelessness services. We work to improve services through research, guidance and learning, and campaign for policy change that will ensure everyone has a place to call home and the support they need to keep it.

Our vision and mission

Homeless Link’s vision is that everybody should have a place to call home and the support needed to keep it.

Our mission is to develop, inspire, support and sustain a movement of organisations working together to achieve positive futures for people who are homeless and vulnerably housed.

Our values

Committed: We work tirelessly to drive social change to end homelessness for good.

Compassionate: We believe in the value and potential of people. We champion justice, humanity and compassion for all.

Credible: We speak the truth based on evidence. We listen and learn, ask questions and respond with honesty and integrity.

Collaborative: We believe in the power of partnership, working together for better results - with our members, our partners and people experiencing homelessness.

 Please visit our website to find out more about the work that we do to end homelessness.