Housing Pathway Site Lead

  • Job Reference: 00001486-1
  • Date Posted: 7 June 2022
  • Recruiter: YMCA London City and North
  • Location: Multiple sites across our housing portfolio
  • Salary: £29,443 to £32,507
  • Role: Other jobs
  • Job type: Permanent
  • Work hours: Full Time

Job Description

The post holder will be responsible for the day-to-day operational running of the Housing Pathways Service at their allocated site across our Housing Portfolio. This includes the management of the Resident Pathways Advisors. The role holder will ensure their team provides opportunities of progression for young people by way of Education, Training and Employment. Along with being the first point of contact for Residents and Visitors. Helping young people to build a future of their choosing on their journey to independence. They will be responsible for ensuring our housing team are well trained in line with continuous professional development, are effectively engaging with young people and Plan, facilitate and evaluate ETE opportunities across our housing projects.   

Job Context:

Our Housing service offers a temporary accommodation solution to young people experiencing homelessness across 3 housing projects in Hackney, Islington and Haringey with two moves on homes in North London. The accommodation projects are open 24/7 – 365 days a year.


  1. Duties and Responsibilities

    ETE Activities and Resident Involvement

  • Lead on the design and delivery of high-quality activities to involve residents and help them to gain useful life skills and experience that will help them to move to independent living.
  • Provide regular evaluation report of programme status, service delivery, impact and record this accordingly.
  • Set up a resident feedback forum for all aspects of the service provided by YLCAN.
  • Ensure that the activities are person-centred and take account of the psychological and emotional needs of the residents.
  • Ensure your teams act as facilitators for any ETE partners, to increase engagement and outcomes.
  • Be accountable to facilitate programme sessions and activities with young people and volunteers and ensure service delivery is of the highest quality.
  • Establish and create meaningful working relationships with residents and young people involved in our services.
  • Be the point of contact for all ETE related information and activities from external and internal enquiries.
  • Be able to network with external partners to ensure joined up working and share best practice. To have effective communication with partners, agencies, and social enterprises.
  • To actively lead the promotion of the opportunities available to resident and encourage residents to become involved with the YLCAN.
  • Support the Resident Pathways Manager to develop a Residents Engagement strategy
  • Play a key role in identifying potential funders and support with funding applications for ongoing activities, and to source and explore partnerships and opportunities with partners
  • Monitor, report and improve levels of customer satisfaction, by ensuring the relevant KPI’s are set and monitored in line with the Resident Pathways Manager.
  • Play a key role in identifying potential funders and support with funding applications for ongoing activities.
  • Ensure your teams engage, encourage, and facilitate ETE opportunities.
  • Ensure your teams set up the appropriate space and venue alongside promoting any ETE activities.
  • To help measure our Social Value outputs and outcome to assess our impact.
  • To ensure that ETE opportunities are explored, cultivated, and offered to young people across our housing projects.
  • To support the recruitment, training and management of volunteers, ensuring they are highly engaged, thus ensuring service delivery is of the highest quality with appropriate content, supporting young people to develop their confidence and skills.
  • Ensure the Residents Pathways Officers are keeping Inform database up to date and that participation in activities and observations as the first point of contact are recorded accordingly in line with KPIs.
  • Front Out House

  • Take the lead to ensure the team provide an efficient and effective front of house service for all residents, members, and clients of the YMCA
  • Maintain the integrity of the personal data; protect personal data from breaches and maintain the confidentiality of personal data.
  • Report any data breaches promptly to your line manager.
  • To be responsible for monitoring your team’s performance and implementation of policies, processes, and procedures to ensure the effective running of the Front of House.
  • Produce comprehensive rotas that appropriately staff the service with a balance of colleague wellbeing and working time directive.
  • Ensuring attractive information displays are maintained.
  • Ensure compliance by residents and their guests with the house rules and licence agreement, reporting any breaches in accordance with the YLAN’s policy.
  • To appropriately respond to and record any incidents, safeguarding and complaint management and report in line with YLCAN London City and North policies and procedures, ensuring all incidents and complaints are investigated and sanctions are given when appropriate.
  • Ensure that all records and databases are kept up-to-date, and that information is input in a timely and accurate manner.
  • Ensure that team are adhering to GDPR in line with the suite of policies.
  • Ensure the Highest Level of Customer Service is practiced at all times.
  • Manage the cash handling process and transactions methodically and efficiently via the cash till system and using Inform database to enter in move-ins and move-on, give and receive room keys.
  • Operating the opening or closing procedures, depending upon shift work patterns.
  • To undertake cashing up of rents and payments in line with the company policy.
  • Monitoring the movements of residents as far as is reasonably practical by checking the CCTV regularly and Traction Guest to ensure all guests are properly signed in and out.
  • Ensuring compliance by residents and their guests with the house rules and licence agreement, reporting any breaches in accordance with the YLCAN’s policy.

    Housing Management

  • To oversee the day-to-day operation of the Housing Pathways Team to ensure that your allocated site is operating at the expected standard
  • Deliver our Vision, Mission and Values through quarterly plans detailing specific objectives, activities, and anticipated outcomes in line with our housing models.
  • Ensure that we are operating to contract requirements with our partners/stakeholders.
  • Motivate the team and initiate a creative, innovative, and person-centred approach to working with young people that aligns with our commitment with creating a Phycological informed environment.
  • Review case files to help plan opportunities for residents.
  • Work collaboratively with your team to implement the Foyer accreditation and embed a Psychological Informed Environment.
  • To be responsible for the safety and security of the housing accommodation by reviewing policies, procedures, and our partnership with our night team contractors.
  • Liaise with all statutory agencies in line with housing legislation
  • To ensure that the management of the service is responsive to the needs and demands of residents 

    Regulatory Standards and Compliance

  • To ensure all staff work in line with the organisation’s Child Protection and Safeguarding policies and procedures.
  • To develop Housing Services in line with the Housing Regulation Framework guidelines and to assist in any Inspections.
  • Perform regular quality checks throughout the accommodation project 

    Staff Management

  • Provide line management to the Resident Pathways Officers and ensure that the staffing levels are always appropriate in line with YLCAN procedures. Manage annual leave, time off in lieu, sickness, timesheets, rotas, regular work reviews, recruitment and selection of new staff and performance within the team.
  • Identify, develop and implement appropriate training programmes for staff including awareness of working with young people, complaint handling and customer care skills.
  • Ensuring effective duty rota development and implementation in liaison with your line manager. To monitor the performance of the Site Leads including all housing staff on their conduct, wellbeing, and caseload.
  • Ensure that YLCAN policies and procedures are understood and implemented by the housing department.
  • Ensure the team are receiving the essential training and a personal development plan is devised for all.
  • Ensure the team always operate in line with professional boundaries and role model acceptable behaviour.
  • Ensure that the Resident Pathways Officers are receiving monthly one to ones, annual performance reviews and the housing model is being followed
  • Upskill your team can offer advice and guidance to residents on their prospects. 
    1. Other
  • Lead the Resident Pathways Officers and develop a robust and professional employee culture across all sites
  • Streamline services so all accommodation projects and move on properties are working in line with the same policies and procedures.
  • To represent the organisations at external forums and meetings.
  • Maintain and develop the processes and procedures of best practice for care, support and supervision for vulnerable young people.
  • Maintain a thorough knowledge of housing legislation and seek to stay up to date with the White Paper for housing and levelling up.
  • To undertake other duties commensurate with grade and status.
  • To arrange and/or cover at any Housing site for holiday or sickness within the housing department.
  • Carry out all duties with due regard to the ethos, aims and purposes of YLCAN. 
    1. Scope and limits of authority
  • To be responsible for ensuring effective housing pathways service operating a high standard of supported accommodation in line with processes at your allocated accommodation project 24/7.
  • Develop and seek smarter ways of working across the service IT applications, particularly INFORM.
  • Ensure your team are working to the YLCAN code of conduct and employee relation issues are dealt with promptly in line with our HR policies.
  • Manage and cultivate a flexible team who are open to change the housing pathways service. 
  • Licence Agreement

  • To ensure licence agreements are always in line with legislation and best practice, ensuring breaches are managed effectively and promptly.
  • To ensure that young people are actively engaging with the housing services.
  • To be responsible for maintaining strong links with a range of stakeholders in order to maximise referrals and opportunities for YP.
  • Ensure the team supports residents in sustaining their license agreement.
  • Income Maximisation

  • Deliver a robust monitoring mechanism ensuring maximisation of occupancy in line with a void management plan
  • Source funding opportunities to support ETE activities across the Housing Offer
  • Produce monthly reports for the Head of Housing on all KPIs including, engagement and outputs, employee relations and Incidents/Safeguarding/Complaints.