Inclusive recruitment tips

Want to become a more inclusive recruiter?

At Homeless Link, we're dedicated to promoting inclusive recruitment strategies that empower individuals from all backgrounds. Here are a couple of ways you can support inclusive recruitment in your organisation:

  • Ban the Box: We encourage organisations to give applicants with convictions a fair chance when competing for jobs by removing the tick box in application forms and asking about convictions later on in the recruitment process. Give applicants with convictions a fair chance
  • Show the Salary: We have signed the Show the Salary pledge and would encourage other recruiters to do so too. The campaign aims to close pay gaps and inequalities in the job market by encouraging employers to be transparent about pay expectations and to not ask for previous salaries in the application process. Tackle pay gaps in the charity sector

  • EIDA Membership: We're proud members of the Employers' Initiative on Domestic Abuse (EIDA), a network of employers who are leading the way in taking action on domestic abuse. We would encourage all employers to sign-up to help those in the workforce who are impacted by domestic abuse. Take action on domestic abuse